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​Intellectual property rights 

The information snd trademarks, and in general the elements and material made available through this Site are and will remain the exclusive property of GREGR SPAIN S.L.; no right, title and/or interest in any material or software may be deemed assigned to you as a result of any such download or copying. You may not reproduce, totally or in part, distribute, publish, transmit, modify totally or in part, or sell any of such information, images, photographs, trademarks, products and in general elements and material contained in this Site.

Intellectual property rights on photographs/images

The intellectual property rights on photographs are protected. Those photos/images, which are not the property of GREGR SPAIN S.L., are placed on this Site based on the permissions of the owners of these photos/images. We do not accept any liability to third parties for the origin or rights of these photographs.


No liability

By using the information or any element or material contained in this Site you solely remain liable and responsible for any and all possible losses, costs, expenses and damages, direct or indirect, of any kind and entity, arising from or related to the utilization of this Site.

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